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Media is all about content. For years, big tech has been reaping the rewards of content created on their platforms. However, the world is changing. Bitclout is part of the change, but the revolution has been happening right before our eyes. Writers are leaving their jobs at big media companies, starting independent newsletters, and making more money than they ever were previously. Creators across the world are learning the best way to do what they love and make money is through monetization efforts independent of big tech (Patreon, Gumroad, NFTs, etc.).

Bitclout is a new tool for this ongoing revolution. Subclout exists to optimize usage of this new tool and accelerate the revolution. We do that through three main offerings:
  1. Long-form content publishing
  2. Investor thesis pages for creators
  3. Profile analytics

Long-form content publishing

The initial idea for Subclout was strictly to make a newsletter tool for BitClout. We saw that BitClout lacked the ability for long-form, rich-text posts. Tweet threads are fun to read, but if I am really interested in something I'd much rather read a long-form newsletter. We wanted to build that. 
You don't have to have a newsletter to benefit from Subclout
However, since initially building, we are realizing there is a lot more to long-form content than newsletters. You don't have to have newsletter to benefit from Subclout. We have heard of several different use-cases of long-form, persistent, emailed content including
  • Monthly / quarterly investor reports (companies have them, why shouldn't creators?)
  • New feature launches for a product
  • Detailed reports on NFT drops
  • "Whitepapers" for new projects
And this is just the beginning? When given a platform to deliver content, what else will emerge? We're excited to find out.

Investor thesis pages

This one is a lot of scratching our own itch. We had the personal problem that we would see new creators shooting up the leaderboard, check out their profile, and have no idea what they did or why we should invest in their coin. What does @craig do, what does he offer coinholders, and why should I buy his coin? I had to scroll through his feed forever to figure it out, and even then it's not clear. So, we built investment theses (what you're reading right now).
Your investment thesis is the one-stop show for why people should buy your coin
Your investment thesis page is the one-stop shop for why people should buy your coin. You can outline rewards, content you plan on releasing, exclusive offers, personal stories, whatever you want. We give you the canvas, and you draw (with words). We think this could be huge for coin investors and for genuine people gaining trust from their fans.

Profile analytics

To do all this, we had to gather data on your profile, your coinholders, your subscribers, etc. from the blockchain. Since we had all the data, we decided to make it presentable. We're really excited about the future of this and to see it evolve as our team and capabilities grow. Right now you can see the following things:
Your coin's price history
subclout_price_history.png 150 KB

Your coinholders and their holding history
subclout_coinholder_history.png 45.4 KB

Your subscriber count
subclout_subscriber_history.png 23.7 KB

There is much more to come here. We plan on releasing investor alerts (when coin is bought / sold, you get alerted), wallet analyzers, coin holding analytics, etc. 

Business model

Cool product, but how do you make money?
Subclout is not only targeting BitClout creators, but all creators. A majority of these creators will have a large percentage of their fans that aren't on BitClout. Subclout's plan is to offer two options of payment: owning $X of creator coin, or paying $Y per month. Of the monthly subscription revenue, we will take a 10% cut. That is the most clear-cut business model we have. 

After that, things get a little more complicated. We plan on requiring some holding amount of our coin to use the product, but still are figuring out how to turn that into a sustainable model. We have visions of being an exchange and allowing creator's fans to buy their coin directly from our platform, but that is also a ways down the road. We are confident that both those options will exist.

We plan on taking a % of our revenue generated from these operations and buying our own coin with it, thus giving value back to you, the coinholders. In the long-run, we have targeted this number being 10%, although that (like everything in BitClout currently) is subject to change. 


We are actively raising a round and building a team now. We will take a % of our fundraise and invest it back into our coin. We need to raise money to build our engineering and marketing teams and to get me (Max) working on Subclout full time.

If you are a coinholder and would like to participate in our round, please reach out. We are looking at different crowdfunding options like, but are in the early stages of that. 


We are building the top platform for creators on BitClout to provide long-form content to their fans. We want to be the ultimate bridge between normal creators and BitClout, and through that believe we can build a massive company and compete with traditional creator economy players like Substack, Patreon, Gumroad, etc.

Your investment helps us build that vision, and us building that vision helps your investment. We want our early investors to see huge upside as we grow, and we are committed to providing long-term value to you.

Thanks for reading. We're excited to build for you all. Cheers. 🥂

Max Metcalf
Founder & customer service rep, Subclout


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