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Subscription newsletters for your BitClout coinholders

Monetize your content, stabilize your coin price, track BitClout analytics, and add massive value to your supporters.

Make money with Subclout

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Average premium subscribers
Value created for creators

Owning is the new subscribing

BitClout flipped creator monetization on its head. Instead of paying a monthly fee, fans can purchase your coin. Imagine being able to own 2 shares of Spotify stock instead of paying $10/month...that is what Subclout enables.

Control the relationship with your fans

Gather coinholder emails

Subclout helps you gather coinholder emails so you can own the relationship with your fans.

Automatically check holding balance

Subclout periodically pulls blockchain data to verify your subscribers hold the required amount of your coin. If they fall below the threshold, we automatically email them and urge them to buy more.

Monthly subscription option (coming soon)

Subclout's mission is to help creators monetize, and allowing fans to support however they feel comfortable is critical to that mission. For most fans, monthly subscriptions remain the best option.

Send newsletters to supporters

Send newsletters to premium subscribers or all your subscribers. Write in our text editor. Save drafts and schedule posts.

Online text editor

Subclout allows you to write your newsletters, format text, and include inline attachments online through our online text editor.

Drafts and scheduled posts

Not finished with a post but don't want to lose it? Save it as a draft. Writing for the future? Schedule your posts. Simple.

Holding requirements

Unlock all features by holding @subclout coin

Creator dashboard

Subclout platform includes a creator dashboard to track daily buys / sells of your coin, view new / existing subscribers, and measure the overall health of your coin.

Premium newsletter

Send unlimited newsletters to your subscribers, all through our platform. Premium subscribers require additional holdings, but you only pay after fans subscribe.

Supporter tracking

Want to know each coinholder's holding history? We got you covered. Track your subscribers over time? Check. Other coin tracking features? Coming soon.


$100 Initial hodling requirement plus $5 Holding per premium subscriber

  • Unlimited newsletters
  • No subscription
  • Simple cancellation
  • Future feature access

Frequently asked questions

How much should I charge for my newsletter?

Public companies are valued at anywhere from 2-5x annual earnings, depending on the industry. We recommend pricing your holding accordingly. So, if you were to charge $5/month for a newsletter, we recommend requiring 24x that amount ($120) for premium access.

How much of my own coin should I own?

Coins increase in value exponentially. We highly recommend buying at least your first 10 coins ($150), and if possible your first 20 ($1200). If you didn't purchase enough coins initially, we recommend creating a new profile for your newsletter.

How long after I sign up before I gain access to the platform?

After signing up, we give you immediate access. We pull blockchain data every 3-6 hours, and if you don't hold enough coin we place a hold on your account. If you don't hold enough in the next 24 hours, we restrict your access until you raise your holding amount.

How do you validate if my subscribers hold enough of my creator coin?

After you sign up, we start pulling your coinholder information every 3-6 hours. You will have a list of all your supporters and how much they hold, as well as whether they are a subscriber or not.

Subscribers are given welcome emails where they are told the holding requirement for access. We email them when their coinholder amount falls behind your requirement and give them 24 hours to increase their holding amount.

Should I buy @subclout coin?

If you are using the platform, yes. If you are speculating on future growth - we aren't here to give investment advice, just to build a great product.

How did you build this platform so quickly?

It turns out Merlin isn't the only wizard on BitClout.


Price: $843.80

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